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6 Things You Can Learn From Your Fling!

by Nicholas Carson on September 14, 2013

Starting a fling can be one of the most exciting things for you when it comes to dating. Fling is however not dating but a form of it. One of the best ways to understand this is by the fact that you get to see your fling a number of times even if it is for the sole reason of casual encounters. You will have probably met at a bar somewhere or on the top fling websites with a good knowledge of what your relationship is based on. The rules of a fling are simple. This is about having fun or having a casual encounter with a woman or man without any strings attached. His concept of relationships became a reality with the advent of people looking for a way to still have fun without a commitment. The fact of the matter is that relationships take time to build and an investment to keep. Flings will not come with the same requirement which means they are easier for most people that are avoiding relationships. One of the most amazing things about these flings is that you can learn a lot about how relationships work. The only difference is the commitment.

Enjoying a relationship

top fling websites

“Learn to enjoy your relationship”

Flings become easier because you are not obligated to do anything by the other partner and that is the reasons why they are so easy. It is a well known fact that people will be freer with each other in a fling as compared to relationships. There are lesser secrets and people will not be out to impress each other since they have nothing to lose. Relationships on the other hand will need to be handled delicately which can be compared to walking on egg shells. These are tenser especially when things go south. You can learn a few things about relationships from flings including how to be better at them. Here are 6 things you can learn from your fling.


stressful day

“You become more open in a relationship”

It is a fact that many people who were in flings end up in a relation. The top fling websites provide more than flings for most people. They are also responsible for some of the best relationships for a reason. The best thing about a fling is that you learn to be open with one another. You have nothing to lose and this is the reason why one feels that they can tell their partner anything no matter how embarrassing, nasty or shaming it is. This is something that can be cultivated and carried on into a relationship. Most of the relationships fails due to the lack of openness. This later brings judgment and a lot of secrets to avoid this ending up in a disaster. Flings will rarely have secretes. They will not care about each other’s pass and issues and will share a common interest despite the challenge that comes with the issues. They are able to talk about weaknesses in the relationship without feeling judged by the other person. This is a basis for a good relationship.

Being yourself

Flings allow you to be who you are even when you are with your date. The fact that you are not out to impress the girl or the boy for a long term relationship puts your guard down. You don’t what you do without care since you are not worried about what the other person will think. Relationships will normally come with a lot of firewalls to protect self. This is a risky situation since these things could always come out and in the worst of ways. Being who you are teaches you to remain real. The person dating you will know who they are dating. Many people will pretend to be what they are not when getting into relationships and later get tired of pretending reverting to old selves that their partners may find revolting. Being real in a fling teaches you to be real even when you get serious with someone which is a good foundation for any relationship.

Have fun

Top fling websites

“Fun is Important to enjoy a relationship”

Flings are all about fun and enjoying the moment. This does not mean that flings don’t get awkward moments. Despite all this, they go ahead and have fun. The best thing about fling is that they find solace in each other after a long stressful day or some other things. This shows that they develop a habit of finding consolation each other. Relationship will miss this point. Stressed couples will more often than not vent out on each other instead of running into each other. Having fun through the relationship comes with enjoying sex ultimately. The couples learn to be open minded about it and have fun since it ceases becoming an obligation on the basis of a relationship. Keeping this fresh all the time is the basis of an exciting relationship.

Space is important

top fling websites

“Giving some space is imperative in a relationship”

Flings will give each other space most of the time. The fact is that they will not meet everyday all the time. They are always excited to see each other and will maximize the moments they are together. Top fling websites will prove that flings are happier to an extent when compared to people in relationships. It is also true that people in relationships will want a fling just to change the whole scenario in their relationships. A fling will train the couple to create space for one another. This does not mean taking breaks but allowing the other person time to be on their own and do what they love without having to insist on being there or cutting their fun short. This keeps the excitement alive for the couple.

Picking the right person

“Learn to pick the right person to spend your life with”
A fling also reveals who people are. The reason for this is because people will not hide who they are in flings. One learns about how to pick the right person and the signs that the person they want to pick may not be what they say they are. Flings will also give you an idea of what you want in a relationship besides having a good time. A perspective is good when it comes to picking the right person. It is possible to pick the right person from top fling websites at the end of the day. Remember, there are several fling dating websites for meeting women, so don’t rush for it, choose the best site from and get real dates. Choosing the best fling online dating site will help you score more dates and gain more experience. From that experience you can easily choose the right person with whom you can start a long-term relationship.

Married Dating Scams: Common Romance Scams When Having Affairs Exposed!

by Nicholas Carson on July 25, 2013


“First rule of married dating - Don’t get caught”

“First rule of married dating – Don’t get caught”

Enveloping your affair in secrecy is part of the thrill and excitement that you and your secret lover must maintain. However, when things get out of hand all parties involved in the relationship (you, your husband/ wife and your secret lover) will ultimately look for ways to save face. Blaming, guilt driving and emotional blackmailing are just some tactics that most people do to avoid the guilt of an affair. Worse, if you have children, they can get caught in the emotional—and sometimes, legal–chaos as well.

Blaming: Whose Fault is it, Really?


“Don’t play the blame game”

“Don’t play the blame game”

Perhaps after months of investigation you finally uncovered and confirmed that your husband/ wife is having an affair. Even though you are suffering in the midst of hurt and betrayal you summon all your strength to confront him/ her about the affair. Though you are the innocent person in the whole situation, your partner may start blaming you about the affair. She/he will come up with lousy reasons and turn the whole situation the other way. Some of the reasons she/he may throw at you are: “It was your fault you were not taking care of yourself anymore” and “you were not there most of the time”. They were pushed to commit the affair because it was primarily your fault. You may start to think that his/ her reasons were illogical. You may absorb all the blame and think “maybe it’s true I did something wrong. Why else would she/he do it?”. Instead of him/ her apologizing, you’re the one trying to <ahref=”″ title=”Fix a broken relationship”>fix the broken relationship.

Another form of blaming, as part of married dating scams, is when your husband/ wife trivializes the affair. She will tell you that it was nothing serious and it was all just for physical satisfaction. She/he will make you feel guilty for making a big deal out of it.
If you are intent on saving the relationship, the only course of action you think you can do is forgive your husband/ wife. However, there are two things that can happen when you forgive him/ her. On one hand, she/he genuinely try to change, make amends and save the relationship. She/he will exert all efforts to patch things up and start over. On the other hand, she/he may have just manipulated you to let him/ her get away with the affair. She/he will think that it was that easy to get out of that mess and she/he can do it again. She/he may abuse this chance and take advantage of your mercy.
Months may have passed and now you find yourself trapped in a vicious cycle of betrayal by your partner. She/he promises to change but it just doesn’t seem to happen. If she/he was really intending to fix things, then they would have probably been able to do it or you have seen it in their efforts. But if the betrayal still persists, you have the choice to get out of this suffering and put a stop to it.
Always remember that you do not deserve to suffer all the consequences of your partner’s affair. Self- respect can empower to finally make an action or an ultimatum for your partner. Remember, no one can ride on two boats. Ultimately she/he must choose between you or his/ her mistress/ inamorato.

Guilt Driving: Trapping Faults on You


“Trapping with guilt is an old trick”

“Trapping with guilt is an old trick”

This married dating scam is similar to blaming; the difference is you carry all the guilt while you partner happily goes on with the affair. She/he washes her/his hand clean of all the mess and rubs it on you. This usually goes on for longer periods because she/he makes you hold on to the relationship. You then carry the guilt of the action she/he did even though you truly know for yourself that you are innocent.
What your partner does not know is that if she/he really values the relationship then she/he should come up with ways to save it from breaking. She/he should openly communicate with you if there is something wrong in the relationship. Honestly, she/he does not have the grounds or the right to have an affair just because your relationship is not working out. If she/he is not happy with the relationship, then he/ she must say so. There is no need to put an affair in the picture because it basically doesn’t solve anything. Having an affair only makes things worse. Other people will also greatly suffer along the way, especially if you have kids.
Value yourself and don’t take yourself for granted. Relationships are based on love, respect, trust and honesty. Don’t let him/ her rob you of it. Affairs are not just some small matters that can be ignored. Don’t be deluded by the guilt that you were not “enough” for your partner.

Stockholm Syndrome: Manipulating You to Stay in the Relationship


“Did she manipulate you to stay in the relationship?”

“Did she manipulate you to stay in the relationship?”

Believe it or not, Stockholm syndrome can be a form of married dating scams. Stockholm syndrome is almost always associated with kidnapping- the kidnapper and the hostage. Not many people know that Stockholm syndrome is present in most types of abusive and manipulative relationships.
According to’s article “Emotional Blackmail Make Me Happy or Else”, Stockholm syndrome “is a psychological response wherein a victim will exhibit loyalty to his/ her abuser”. Abusive partners in relationships will tend to use F. O. G. (Fear, obligation, guilt). They will manipulate their partners so that they will get what they want. Although there is no ransom for this situation, abusive partners manipulate to achieve compliance.
You may have heard your partner say things like “leave me i.e. will never go back, won’t give you money anymore, make your life miserable, you’ll never see the kids again”. If you are the type of person who avoids conflict, you will comply with what your partner demands. What your partner tries to block any possibility of escape from the relationship.
Basically, your partner will feed and manipulate your fear. Most often you will be blinded by the confusion and choose to keep silent and comply with what she/he wants. Once she/he knows that you have been crippled by his manipulation, she/he will go ahead and do whatever she/he wants. There are also other forms of married dating scams of this type. She/he will pull out the self- pity card. If you will leave him/ she won’t survive or his/ her health will deteriorate. You then will feel sorry and your resolution of leaving him/ her will melt. This could go on in a cycle.
If this type of cycle is successfully formed then your partner achieved his/ her goal of blocking your escape. You will constantly think of what your partner will feel and you will be more wary of your actions.
Summing up the Stockholm syndrome for relationships, your partner can pull this against you in two ways. One, she/he will directly threaten you of the consequences should you decide to leave the relationship. Two, your partner will turn the situation around and act as the victim so that she/he will keep you tied to the relationship.

Affairs can indeed be messy and just one mistake can make everything spiral out of control. Aside from the emotional complications that will arise from the affair, there is the risk that you will also suffer from these married dating scams. It’s imperative that you try to avoid these scams. There are plenty of sites which are scams, so make a decision only after you have read the genuine reviews. You can read affairs club review and decide for yourself. Get the full review here. After reading the review, you can easily avoid scams and many more scam sites like it. It’s time to save yourself from such suffering and gear up with the right knowledge.

iPhone VS Android: The main differences between the two

by Nicholas Carson on May 1, 2013

The arguments between iPhone and Android will never stop. Both these amazing pieces of technology have positive and negative aspects, and this article will aim at comparing the two. When you talk of Apple iPhones vs. Android phones, then you’re really arguing. The thing is iPhone 4’s are identical to each other, and Android phones vary. For this it wouldn’t be fair to compare the two platforms unless you compare specific phones. Below are differences between iPhone and Android.

Open vs. Closed systems

Apple has iPhone as its proprietary. If you love what Apple offers you in the iPhone, then you’ll never get to notice. However if you want something more than what Apple offers you, then tough luck with that. You could use the Adobe Flash as an example. Adobe Flash is designed to enable you view Flash videos on the iPhone, but Apple has nothing to do with it. The only way you will likely get through this is by hoping that the Justice Department orders Apple to let Adobe Flash play on its iPhone or Adobe forcing Apple to submit. Technical kludges are among the only ways in which you can get Adobe on your iPhone.

On the other hand Android is more open. You can download and install any Android application even if not available on Google’s Android Market.

Open vs Closed Social System

Open vs Closed Social System


The downside of Android developers is that, a good number of Android applications lag in security, and that’s not good. Although systems can be broken into, iPhone’s very secure applications will give you the best bet if you are looking for a secure phone. With time we are going to face security problems that will come against the vulnerabilities that are associated with mobile computing.

User Control

If you enjoy and love the way iPhone handles things, then life will be good. To be fair, Apple has amazing engineers whose ultimate jobs are to design and come up with innovative features that will ensure that you love the interface and how everything works together. But if you are going to want more control over how widgets appear and more, such as how they appear then your best choice will be with Android.

iPhone vs. Android Revisited:

iPhone vs. Android Revisited:

Vendor Lock in

If you want an iPhone, you’ll just have to buy it from Apple at their given price, but as with Android you can find it from several vendors and more are soon to be released. one thing that most iPhone users, is being forced to use the AT&T. however this is set to change as Verizon is set to offer the iPhone. iPhone doesn’t have many options with wireless carries which is quite the opposite when it comes to the Android.

If Your Parents Do Not Accept Your Spouse

by Nicholas Carson on April 28, 2013

It is normally considered that the people who will be a problem when you get married is the in-laws, but there will be times when your parents are the ones who are the problem. It can be just concern for you or at times they will be annoyed that you have not married a person they approved of. To make sure that they stay out of your relationship, then here are a few things that you can do.

Explain that this is the person you want to be with and that anything that causes problems between you will make you unhappy. Try and find some common ground and hope that if you can concentrate on the good points your parents will keep out of other aspects of your relationship. Don’t dismiss what your parents say and if they pick out specific things they are unhappy about promise them that you will be certain to make sure their fears will not be fulfilled.

Do all you can to convince your parents that you are happy and the only cloud on the horizon is the pressure they are putting on you. If you think that there is any truth in what your parents are saying, then talk to your partner about it. Keeping secrets from them will not help at all and if there is the slightest crack in your solidarity then it will be possible for your parents to exploit it.

If the relationship you have

If the relationship you have

If it seems that there is no way that they will change their minds and accept your spouse then you need to make it clear that they cannot interfere and need to let you live your life and deal with any problems that arise as a couple. Whenever there will be family gatherings always provide a united front with your spouse as the worst thing you can do is to give your parents the chance to point out their views to others. If you are seen to argue with your spouse it will soon be all around the family that you have problems.

Where the hell did your spouse

Where the hell did your spouse

If it gets to the stage when you visit your parents alone then it can have a beneficial effect for you. It is unlikely that your parents will want others to know that their child’s partner does not feel comfortable in their company and before you know it they should be looking for a way to present a united family.

Dealing with life’s ups and downs effectively

by Nicholas Carson on April 22, 2013

Change is the only thing that is constant and the rest keeps changing and it is only human to adapt oneself to such changes. Once I read a book where the writer related life to a box of chocolates, the taste on it depends on the one you pick. He also mentioned that adaptability is the name of the game. If we think in that context and relate it to our daily life it would seem quite true. We do not know what’s in store for us. Life is unpredictable every moment and it’s only wise to welcome such changes with open arms and adapt oneself to it without any qualms or complains.

If we notice in our day to day life we come across many situations where we find difficult to adapt ourself. We want to remain in our comfort zone and do not wish to step out of it a bit. Let’s look at it this way, what if that change has a huge surprise in store for you? What if it gets you that much awaited good news (personally or professionally)? Would you still not mind missing it? Definitely not, rather you would like to embrace it and take every possible step to make it a success. So why not think of every situation as such and give your best shot.

Ups and downs are inevitable in life. However the choices you make in such situations could unfold the surprise or shock it holds. Many a times we hear people say man is maker of his destiny. I personally never believed in it because for me destiny was more or less a religious thing and I believed that God is maker of our destiny. However this though of mine was proved wrong when a preacher, who is also a prominent speaker, said that the choices you make in your life unfolds your destiny. The way you handle the things thrown in your way makes a difference in your life. You could take it negatively and brood over it for years or be an optimist and face it with courage and boldness. It’s all in your mind and heart. Once you win it there you can be victorious anywhere.

Life's Little Ups and Downs

Life’s Little Ups and Downs

Let’s answer one question here? What do we get when we do not take things as it comes, when we do not adapt to the changes? Well if I get it right we just feel bad about it later. When we go ahead and look back we regret not accepting the change. So the question here is why do we repeat this time and again when we are aware that the change that has come in our life is refining us and making us a better person? I’m sure many will accept to the fact that it’s better to try and fail than never try at all.

So try to explore your talents, exploit the opportunities that has knocked your door. Even if you fail keep trying till you succeed. Remember failure is the stepping stone to success and many people have proved it right in history and not to forget history repeats itself.

exploit “new opportunities

exploit “new opportunities

Housing: When is the right time to buy a house?

by Nicholas Carson on February 6, 2013

For the first time house buyers, the job may seem a little bit frightening. With so many things to take into consideration and several terminologies – it might sound like a burden instead of making an investment. There are various other factors to keep into consideration other than deciding on the best region and the link to extract. Security and insurance coverage are also important factors to consider. However, one of the most important things to consider when you are planning to purchase a home is “when is the right time to purchase a house”.

When it comes to purchasing a home, one needs to purchase at the right time. Eventually, when taking the decision in respect of buying a home at the right time, there are some aspects to consider. One of the most important aspects is interest rates. You should purchase a home when you get lower interest rates. Lower interest rates signify lower repayments per month. Obviously, higher interest rates denote that you will disburse more. Interest rates are basically the rate that the person pays the bank for giving the loan. But its not only interest rates that find out when is the right time to buy a house. Other factors are the buyer’s market, personal conditions, inflation and your employment.

to decide if the current housing market is a good time to buy a home.

To decide if the current housing market is a good time to buy a home.


Market cycle usually involves the term buyer’s market, when furnish for homes surpasses order. House owners tend to sell their houses for less than the actual cost of the house just because they desperately want to sell but unable to get enough offers. Since you have the chance to negotiate and select from a broad variety of homes, it is certainly measured the right time to purchase.

Before planning to buy a home, it is essential to check your financial situation and current employment. With a tough economic condition, many people have lost their jobs all around the world and consequently enormous raise in foreclosures. You should answer some of the questions before making the final decision. How safe is your earnings? What if you lose your job? Would you be able to pay the home payment while you look for some other jobs? It is certainly not easy to lose your employment with the responsibility to disburse the home mortgage. Therefore, it is important to have some sort of employment security before you buy a home. And in case you sense any problem with your employment, it would be better to put it on hold for sometime.

Thinking about buying a home

Thinking about buying a home

Buying a home is a big decision which needs serious considerations. Therefore, you should consider all the factors mentioned above in order to make an informed decision regarding the right time to buy a home. 

TV Shows: Top 3 TV Shows This Year

by Nicholas Carson on January 1, 2013

If there is anything a lot of Americans love to do, is watch television, especially when you do not feel like going out with friends. There are some television shows that make us take a seat and dedicate the next 20something of 40something of our lives to watch. Some shows do it for me, and some don’t, period. Another wonderful thing about watching some of these television shows is that it offers you the opportunity to escape into the world of the show’s characters.

Here are my top 3 shows this year:

  1. Modern Family

This TV show is indeed a major hit! There is no argument whatsoever about this show’s ability to make you laugh and think about how your actions can affect others. This show is about the lives of 3 families: the gay couple who adopted a Vietnamese daughter called Lily; an older man in his 60’s married to a young Columbian wife who came into marriage with a son (Manny) from a previous marriage and a couple with three children. What I love about this show is how the viewers can learn a thing or two from the problems that the characters face.

Modern Family is an American

Modern Family is an American

  1. Project Runway

Although this show is a reality TV show, it is one that arrests my attention every time. Viewers get to watch how designers design and construct garments from start to finish. It gives viewers the opportunity to see how master designers create fashion concepts that take the world by storm. This show has produced designers that have gone on to do very well after they leave the show. The host of the show (Heidi Klum) is very easy on the eyes and does a fabulous job as the host of the show.

  1. So You Think You Can Dance

What is not to love about this show?! You get to watch hot dancers create beautiful art with their bodies and you get to be a part of the journey of the dancer that makes it to the top of the ranks. So You Think You Can Dance is a show that has produced phenomenal dancers such as Anya and Pasha – two awesome ballroom dancers that have done amazingly well after they appeared on the show.